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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast Augmentation with Lift | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

Breast Augmentation with Lift Beverly Hills | Los AngelesFor Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr Gary Motykie combining breast lift and breast augmentation is often the best procedure for those who have deflated and sagging breasts. If the nipple is at or above the breast fold, then usually an augmentation alone will fill and lift the breast, however if the nipple is below the fold, then frequently a breast lift is required as well to provide an ideal shape. If a small augmentation is needed, then a silicon gel implant is often an ideal solution to provide the most natural appearance. Once considered risky to combine the two procedures it is now one of the most popular surgeries performed. What happens often to women who do not see the right surgeon is that the surgeon will place a larger implant without performing the lift which will temporary look fine. But once the implants settles the the breast will begin to sag and then the patient will have larger saggier breast which will in-turn be most costly to fix. To see if you are a candidate for a breast augmentation with lift please call 310-246-2355 for your private consultation with Dr. Gary Motykie.