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Breast Implants Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie uses both Silicone and Saline implants.

Saline Implants

Breast Implants Beverly Hills | Los AngelesThe most popular implants used in the United States are saline implants. The implants vary in shell surface (i.e. smooth or textured), volume, shell thickness, profile, shape (round or anatomical), as well as expandable implants. Most saline implants are single lumen, and are filled at the time of surgery. There are prefilled saline implants, which are filled by the implant manufacturer. However, there are no prefilled saline implants with FDA approval at this time.

The shell consists of a strong, silicone elastomer shell, and is filled with a sterile saline solution at the time of surgery. Should these implants rupture, the body will absorb the saline, much like drinking a glass of water. The sterile saline solution, used as the implant filler, should conform to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) of Normal Physiological Saline (injection grade), which has a concentration of 0.15M and a pH of 7.2-7.4.

Silicone Implants

Currently, Mentor and Inamed silicone implants have 3 layers of shell surrounding the silicone gel. This reduces the amount of gel bleed. It does, however, make the implants a bit firmer than they were years ago, but this is attributed to the thicker shell. Speaking from my own personal experience with silicone gel breast implants, the silicone implants of today are still very soft and natural feeling.

Silicone gel breast implants come pre-filled, meaning that there is no fill to be added. The only real drawback to a pre-filled implant is that the incision will have to be a bit longer, depending on the size of the implant to be inserted. This is especially true for textured silicone and gummy bear silicone implants, which are somewhat firmer. Another reason that textured silicone implants require a longer incision is the fact that the shell is textured. Because silicone gel breast implants come pre-filled, they cannot be inserted via the TUBA incision (nor can any other type of pre-filled implant).