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Breast Augmentation Services Offered by Dr Gary Motykie

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Breast Augmentation Services Offered by Dr Gary Motykie Beverly Hills | Los AngelesDr. Gary Motykie leads a state of the art cosmetic surgery facility for people in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his residency in plastic surgery from the University of Texas, followed by a fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. His contributions as a plastic surgeon have been recognized by numerous institutions. He was the recipient of the Physician’s Recognition Award by the American Medical Association in 2009.

Dr. Motykie was also featured in Cambridge, Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals in Healthcare, “Honors Edition” of the Registry for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009. As a cosmetic surgeon of repute, he is affiliated with the American Medical Association, the Plastic Surgery Research Council, and Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honors Society. He provides safe and effective breast surgery procedures to patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA.

Breast Augmentation

A woman may need breast augmentation surgery for several reasons. Some women have smaller breasts due to heredity factors, while some moms may lose breast volume following a pregnancy and breastfeeding. Aging and weight loss are also factors that may result in loss of breast volume, prompting women to consider breast implants. The surgery involves placement of an artificial implant under the breast tissue. The implant mimics the feel and appearance of natural breast tissue, and augments the size of the breast.

Saline and silicone implants are two different types of implants approved by the FDA. The surgeon may recommend the right type and size of implants in close consultation with the patient. Latest qualities of implants are fairly resilient and have a higher success rate. As a result, a growing number of women, who are unhappy with their perceived smaller breast size are opting for breast enhancement procedure. Breast implants can make the breasts appear fuller, more youthful and attractive, and the patient may enjoy an improved appearance for several years to come.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

In some cases, the plastic surgeon may recommend breast enhancement to be performed in conjunction with a breast lift surgery. If the breasts have lost volume and also become saggy with loose skin, both procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Breast implantation will improve the breast size and may improve the breast position slightly, but it will not remove excess loose skin or reposition the areolas and nipples or lift the breasts to a tighter and firmer contour. Therefore, depending on the condition of breasts and the signs of aging, breast implants and lift may be performed together.

Breast Lift

Breast lift as an independent procedure is a relatively lesser invasive cosmetic surgery to improve the shape and position of breasts and make them appear more youthful. The surgeon may decide upon a specific technique and incision pattern to perform a breast lift in accordance with factors such as breast shape and size, position and size of the areolas, the extent of loose skin, skin type and elasticity level, and the degree of breast sagging. Common incision patterns include:

  •       A circumferential incision around the areola.
  •       Around the areola, continuing vertically downwards to the breast crease
  •       Around the areola, continuing vertically downwards to the breast crease, as well as horizontally along the
    breast crease

Once the incision has been made, the cosmetic surgeon will lift the underlying breast tissue and re-shape it to enhance breast contour and achieve breast firmness. He will also re-position the areola and the nipple to a more youthful level. If the areola size is overgrown, the surgeon may excise excess skin to reduce the size to a normal level. Lack of elasticity will be reduced with the removal of excess skin.

Breast Revision

Breast revision plastic surgery may be required for a number of reasons following breast augmentation. If the implants have deflated or developed a leak, or the patient has a need to change the implant size or type, breast revision may be required. In case of implant deformity, implant malpositioning, and capsular contracture also breast revision becomes necessary.

The size and location of the incision may depend on the extent of revision required. In case of a simple implant replacement or capsule surgery, an experienced surgeon will aim to use the original scar to perform the new surgery. If the areola and nipple need to be lifted, new incision around the areola may be required. In case of capsular contracture, the surgeon will first determine the grade of contracture, and perform a revision surgery only if there is no other alternative.

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