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Preparing For Breast Reduction Surgery

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Preparing For Breast Reduction Surgery Beverly Hills | Los AngelesA major plastic surgery procedure such as breast reduction necessitates advance preparation. The patient must be committed to following the surgeon’s directions in order to prepare well for the procedure. Detailed preparation will provide a robust base for a safe and effective breast reduction surgery.

The surgeon will explain the various facets pertaining to the pre-operative preparation during the consultation. The patient should freely ask questions and express her concerns during the consultation. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie MD provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

Key Aspects of Preparation

The surgeon may order mammograms (if the patient is over the age of 40), chest x-ray, or electrocardiogram (ECG) prior to the surgery plan. The surgeon may recommend some lifestyle changes or weight benchmarks, and the patient should try to achieve these to ensure optimal outcomes and decrease the risks of complications.

Before the procedure, the surgeon may ask the patient to:

  • Refrain from using aspirin, specific anti-inflammatory medications, and certain herbal supplements that can lead to bleeding.
  • Quit smoking for a minimum of six weeks prior to the surgery to enhance the chances of a better recovery.
  • Stay hydrated as hydration is vital to any surgery, both before and after the procedure.
  • Keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Avoid alcohol consumption entirely for a minimum of 48 hours before the procedure.
  • Stock up on low sodium and high-protein food items such as pre-cooked meals, fresh vegetables, and fruits as well as caffeine-free drinks and water before the procedure. Do not consume food and beverages containing salt in the recovery phase.
  • Store vital supplies where they are conveniently accessible (not in overhead or very low cabinets, but at counter level) as the arms will have restricted motion during the healing process.
  • Create a fail-proof support system for the entire recovery duration as determined by the surgeon. This is crucial for an efficient recovery. If the patient has children under the age of five, they must enlist someone to care for them for one or two weeks. The patient should not drive, lift, or do laundry in the initial two week period after the surgery.
  • Sleep and rest on your back at all times at an incline of 25 to 45 degrees for the initial post-op period or while the inflammation remains significant. The patient can wedge pillows with an inclined shape or sleep in a chair that reclines.
  • Refrain from using hot showers, saunas, and hot tubs for 2 or 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • Determine the clothing for the initial few days. It is advisable to select clothes that are front-open. The patient should wear slip-on footwear so that they do not have to bend.

Aftercare and Transportation

Breast reduction surgeries are typically an outpatient procedure. Therefore, the patient should enlist a responsible person to drive her back post-surgery. If she has small children at home, it is advisable to arrange someone to care for them for a few days.

Diet and Exercise

The patient should consume a well-balanced diet and follow a regular exercise regimen before the surgery to build resilience for the procedure. Dr. Gary Motykie MD receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other towns and communities in this part of California for breast reduction surgery.

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Preparing For Breast Reduction Surgery Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

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