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Breast Implants Before and After Photos

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Breast Implants Before and After Photos – Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast surgery procedures in the U.S. today. Dr. Gary Motykie is a board certified plastic surgeon performing procedures such as breast implants, breast lift, and breast revision for patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas. Dr. Motykie ensures that his patients are well informed and educated about the plastic surgery procedure they are seeking, and are able to make informed choices.

See Breast Implants Before and After Photos:

Breast Implants Before and After Photos Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

What are Breast Implants Before and After Images?

Before and after photographs for breast implants refer to a set of images belonging to a previous patient who has received implants successfully. The set includes pictures taken before the surgery as well as after the surgery. With the help of these pictures, the surgeon can explain various aspects of the breast surgery to a new patient during the initial consultation.

Even in the case of breast lift, breast revision or other surgical procedures, before and after images can help explain to the patient what a procedure can or cannot accomplish. Dr. Motykie makes sure that his patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other areas are shown before and after images to help them understand the expected outcome of breast augmentation procedure more clearly.

Choice of Implants

The choice breast implants usually has an influence on the final outcome of implant surgery. It is important to choose the most suitable implant type, size, shape, and texture in consultation with the surgeon. Sometimes the patient may be unsure about whether to choose saline or silicone implants, what size to choose, and whether to opt for round shaped or teardrop shaped implants. The plastic surgeon may show various breast implant before and after pictures with different implant types and sizes to help a patient visualize what choice of implants may be the most suited in her case.

Keeping Realistic Expectations from the Surgery

One of the key goals of a plastic surgeon during an initial breast augmentation consultation is to ensure that the patient forms realistic expectations about the procedure. Patients with a positive outlook, clear aesthetic goals, and realistic expectations are usually able to achieve very satisfactory results in the end. In a situation where a patient misinterprets the surgeon’s explanations about what the procedure can or cannot do for her, the final outcome may turn out to be disappointing.

Even if the procedure is actually performed successfully, the patient may remain dissatisfied because of misplaced expectations. Such unpleasant scenario can be avoided entirely with the help of breast implant before and after pictures to provide a realistic view of the procedure’s effectiveness and outcome.

Web Photos

In some cases, the plastic surgeon may decide to provide the breast augmentation before and after images in the digital format on their practice website. This allows a new patient to access and review the photos online, and then decide whether to visit the surgeon for a consultation. Patients can review the pictures in the privacy and comfort of their home or office through the surgeon’s website.

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